06 Jun How much formula does my baby need?

If your baby isn’t eating solids yet, there’s a rough guide that you can use to work out how much formula your baby needs. Your baby will want between 150ml and 200ml of formula per kilogram of his body weight per day. So if your baby weighs 3kg, she will need between 450ml and 600ml of formula over a 24 hour period to satisfy her hunger. Remember that these measurements are only a rule of thumb. Your baby will not take the exact amount at each feed. Never force the baby to finish a bottle. Just monitor his daily intake and speak to your paediatrician if you feel she has a loss of appetite.

  • During the first week, try giving your baby between 30ml and 60ml at each feed.
  • At one month old, your baby will probably take between 90ml and 120ml at each feed.
  • Between two and six months old, your baby might take between 120ml and 180ml at each feed.
  • Once your baby reaches six months, she may want between 180ml and 220ml at each feed.
  • When your baby starts solids, her daily intake of formula milk is likely to gradually decrease to about 720ml per day.
  • Once your baby is fully established on solids, she will need about 500ml to 600ml of formula alongside a healthy diet.
  • After your baby’s one year old, she can move from drinking formula to full fat cow’s milk.