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We are for breastfeeding AND bottle-feeding. We are for assisted crying AND for not crying at all. We are for routines AND for following the natural rhythm for your baby. We are for Gina Ford AND for feeding on demand. All in all, we are for doing what is best for our beautiful Malaak families and for what makes them happy and comfortable. Parenting is a beautiful jouney and we think you deserve the best possible start!

Our expert team is dedicated to empowering families and communities through a combination of tradition and innovation. Our goal is to support your family through this wonderful journey and build your confidence to ensure a safe and happy family.

Our company is run by a Malaak Mama of two who has a passion for everything baby! We all live by our principles in everything we do to ensure only the best care is offered to our Malaak families.

Welcome to Malak

Who We Are

Nannies and babysitters are nurses with experience in the field of childcare in the UAE and abroad. We specialize in recruiting and training maternity and childcare skills in team members and qualifications to work for a short time in homes across the UAE. All team members have a nursing and childcare degree, and have experience of at least 3 years in the field of childcare and in first aid. The team trained under the most skilled coaches at the Norland Foundation in the United States.

Malaak is licensed by the Dubai Health Authority in the United Arab Emirates. We will have a large number of experienced employees, by interviewing experienced people and verifying how well they interact with the work, and providing services and training to them after recruitment, to ensure the highest level of service to families

Our Mission

To give mothers, babies & families the best advice, quality care & peace of mind through our skilled and dedicated caregivers. We focus on acquiring advanced & timely knowledge on postnatal care & child development and help make a positive difference by applying our expertise within the UAE family community.

Our Vision

  • To be the leader in baby and child care and education in the UAE.
  • To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best that they can be.
  • To give back to the family community through outstanding care and knowledge sharing.

Our Services

Bespoke Support throughout pregnancy and beyond

Hire a Maternity Nurse in Dubai You can Trust The caring expertise of a babysitter or maternity nurse is invaluable...

Child Care and Babysitting

Qualified Babysitters in Dubai Dedicated to Taking Proper Care of your Little One The best babysitting service Dubai is the...

Early Childhood Development

Every child deserves the opportunity to blossom. At Malaak, we believe in nurturing your child to ensure positive growth and...

Prenatal Classes

Our Prenatal Workshops are a two-part course to prepare expecting parents for birth and how to care for their precious...

First Aid Workshops

First Aid Classes for Parents and Nannies also available every month and are taught by our partner HSS Health and...


Benefit from the miracle of HypnoBirthing in Dubai Do you want to have a natural birth but don’t know where...

Lactation and Breastfeeding Support Services

Malaak – Offering complete support for breastfeeding in Dubai Our team of midwives, maternity nurses, and babysitters offer the highest...

Postnatal Home Visits – New Baby Support at Home

Our maternity nurses and midwives are on hand to visit families in their home once they have left the hospital....

Baby Massage

Malaak offers group and private classes for those interested in learning about baby massages in Dubai – sign up today!...

Gentle Sleep Training

What Is Sleep Training? Sleep training is the process of helping a baby learn to get to sleep and stay...

Bespoke Sleep Services

We know things can be overwhelming after the birth of your child, especially when parents are sleep-deprived. We believe it...

Weaning & Child Nutrition

Our baby weaning workshops gives an overview of solids, introducing parents to both puree-based weaning and baby-led weaning methods as...

Nanny Coaching

Are you going back to work or have you employed a new nanny to care for your little ones? Sign...

FREE Mama Mornings

This is an informal coffee morning where we offer general advice and support for Mamas and Daddies in a comfortable...

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