Benefit from the miracle of HypnoBirthing in Dubai

Do you want to have a natural birth but don’t know where to start? We offer classes focused on HypnoBirthing in Dubai that will teach you how to use your mind and body’s natural abilities. You can learn about Hypnobirthing, what it is, why it works and how it helps during labor. Hypnobirthing is a wonderful way for women who want an all-natural childbirth experience without medication or other medical interventions. It’s also great for first time mamas who are nervous about giving birth!

Why take our classes to learn about HypnoBirthing Dubai?

Our classes will help you feel confident and empowered as you prepare for the big day. We’ll guide you through relaxation techniques that will make your birthing experience easier than ever before! With our support, we’re sure that this is going to be one of the best experiences of your life. All moms deserve an empowering birthing experience with their baby. Let us help make this possible for every mother in Dubai by signing up today!

In these classes, “Using the original mongan HypnoBirthing training method” you will learn how to use your mind to assist your natural birthing instincts, breathing and relaxation techniques, how to choose and communicate your birth preferences, what to do if your birth takes a different path, optimizing position of baby and birthing positions, comfort techniques and much more! Taught by our HypnoBirthing Instructor, Jordana Smith!

Class 1

  • Birth Video
  • Breathing and relaxation.
  • How the uterus works in birthing and its perfect design.
  • Using your mind to assist your natural birthing instincts.
  • Exploring your beliefs about birth and how fear affects birth.

Class 2

  • Birth Video
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Breathing and relaxation.
  • in pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Visualization and Deepening techniques.
  • How to prepare your body for birthing with nutrition, exercise and toning.
  • How to choose, create and communicate your birth preferences effectively.

Class 3

  • Birth video.
  • Deepening techniques.
  • Dad’s role and mums comfort cues.
  • Releasing fears and limiting thoughts.
  • What you can do if your birth takes a different path.
  • Optimal positioning of a baby and birthing positions.
  • Understanding special circumstances and interventions.

Class 4

  • Baby’s first hour
  • Comfort techniques and tools.
  • Due dates and natural induction methods.
  • The “breast crawl” and introduction to breastfeeding.
  • An overview of labour and birth including signs, stages and when to use each of the techniques.
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Maya is doing amazing! Thanks to Cecile, we are 100% breast feeding and I have been able to bond with her on such a deeper level without the guilt of thinking my body wasn't doing something right for her. She is sleeping better and no longer cries for hours in...

Naomi Thompson

In just a few days the childcare professional settled in perfectly with our family and achieved fantastic progress with my little baby Nathan who has really taken to her. She has also given me oxygen to breathe and I am now happier and more functional. No other help has achieved...


I would like to congratulate you and your team. This is beyond what you get in London-I wasn’t expecting to have a better maternity childcare professional than in London. So I have one word to say, BRAVO! My childcare professional was amazing and knew her job perfectly.


This was our first holiday with our daughter who was 10months at the time. I had never left her with anyone other than family and never in the evening previously so it was a big change for all of us. Malaak, upon my first point of contact made me feel...


I am so glad we got to meet and you got to give me the confidence that our little princess can sleep through the night. You gave me just the right strength to believe in her and me. Its a hard job to be a mum of a baby that...


My Malaak childcare professional made the first four months of my daughter’s life a pure joy for both of us. She is a professional and caring childcare professional with a positive energy and great attitude. She’s an expert sleep trainer too. My daughter was sleeping through the night by six...


“I would like to thank you for the prompt support you provided inspite of my last minute call. I would also would like to thank the wonderful babysitters for everything. You made my travel less stressful knowing that my baby is in good hands.”


The childcare professional was wonderful. We absolutely adore her! All that keeps going through my mind is GOD BLESS MALAAK for existing at this superb level of service and professionalism. Thank you!


We very much enjoyed our antenatal classes with Cecile. She was very knowledgeable and really helped eased our concerns in relation to the birth of our first baby. We would definitely recommend Malaak to other expectant parents in the UAE and hope to use the other services they offer in...

Victoria & Dorian Reece

I don’t how I managed it all before. Thank you for all the support, I love how involved Malaak is with the clients, it feels good to be able to share my struggles.


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