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Qualified Babysitters in Dubai: Taking Proper Care of your Little One

Qualified Babysitters in Dubai: Taking Proper Care of your Little One
The best babysitting service Dubai is the one that will provide assistance with all aspects of childcare.
Our maternity nurses and babysitters have a minimum of 3 years childcare experience or suitable childcare qualifications. All of them have a Bsc in nursing with hospital experience and first aid certification.
Their responsibilities involve all aspects of taking care of children from newborn until the early toddler years. This means providing complete care such as bathing and dressing the baby and preparing healthy nutritious meals. Our babysitters make sure that baby toys are sanitary and safe for use, organized and properly stored at the end of the day and the play area is kept clean and tidy. Our babysitters will ensure the children are active and social by playing age-appropriate games. Our babysitters will use their up-to-date knowledge and skillset to further the child’s development through play. The babysitter in Dubai will engage the child in activities such as creative arts and crafts, singing, reading, construction play, and other various learning opportunities.
Our babysitters are not expected to perform any housework, such as cooking, or any kind of chores that do not concern children. As per our company policy, all our childcare professionals do not administer any medication to the children they care for.
The main responsibilities of our babysitters include:
  • Caring for your new born baby in all aspects (feeding, bathing, changing, playing)
  • Providing mothers with postnatal care and emotional support and encouragement
  • Supporting you in establishing a routine within the home environment
  • Setting up and organizing the nursery
  • Managing and tidying the baby’s room
  • Establishing a sleep routine for your baby to make sure you enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • Providing focused support and encouragement for breastfeeding
  • Sterilizing feeding bottles and preparing feeds for your baby
  • Teaching you the best safety and hygiene practices around the baby
Malaak offers more than your typical “babysitter”. The babysitting service includes experienced, knowledgeable and trained staff. We will gladly provide references from the many families that have taken advantage of the convenience and support provided by our babysitters.
If you wish to book the services of a professional babysitter, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements. We encourage advance bookings so we can assess your needs and choose the most suitable professional for your children.
If you wish to book a babysitter, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Advance bookings are highly recommended.

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