Feeding and Routine Consultations

Our team of midwives, maternity nurses and babysitters offer the highest level of quality care for you and your baby once your precious bundle of joy arrives.


We welcome all babies to our Malaak Baby Center where our team of experts will help you weigh your baby and provide you with expert advice on caring for your newborn. Alternatively, you can opt to have one of our experts come to you and spend time with you in the comfort of your own home to provide support and advice.


Feeding consultations

We recognize the physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding, but we also respect a mother’s choice to bottle feed, be it for medical reasons or personal preference, and seek to support you according to your preferences and goals. We focus on the “softer” and more practical aspects of establishing a feeding routine to ensure a healthy and well-fed newborn, as well as lay the foundation for a proper feeding and sleeping routine. Our Qualified Lactation Specialists are always available to offer you practical advice and assist you obtaining the correct latch and establish positive feeding techniques that work for you and your baby.


Our team is on hand to address any concerns you may have about your little one’s feeding habits or needs including when and how to transition to solids or how to introduce bottle-feeding.


We offer consults in our Malaak Baby Center as well as consults in the comfort of your own home. We also offer guidance via online communication and conferencing.


Email workshops@malaak.me for more information or to book a consult with one of our lactation specialists.