Breastfeeding Support

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Breastfeeding is a magical time that allows for wonderful bonding between a mother and her child. After your delivery, it takes a few days until the breastmilk lets down and you and your baby have found a position and technique that works for both of you. Although breastfeeding comes very naturally to many women, some mamas might be having some breast feeding challenges along the way which is perfectly normal.

How we can assist you in your breastfeeding in Dubai

Our lactation consultants can support you during this magical time with any hurdles such as latching or positioning, painful nursing and low milk production. Our team of childcare professionals will help you track your baby’s growth and ensure she is getting the right amount of nutrition per day.
Our team can also support women who want to return to work to meet their breastfeeding goals. Our maternity nurses are trained with the most advanced knowledge on breastfeeding and are familiar with equipment such as breast pumps as well as safe storage of their expressed breast milk.
For further assistance, speak to our lactation consultant or book a night nurse to help support you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Advance bookings are highly recommended.
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