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Giving your new born baby a massage is a wonderful way for you to bond and make your baby feel loved, secure, and cared for. Infant massage is also known to provide numerous physical and emotional benefits for both babies and mothers. If you want to learn how to properly and safely massage your little one, we can help you through our group or private classes for baby massage in Dubai.

Diverse techniques for baby massage in Dubai

Our baby massage experts in Dubai can teach and guide you in massaging your little one. You will be shown the proper soothing and rhythmic strokes for massaging your baby’s head and face, chest, back, arms, and hands and fingers. Our team will also share the recommended techniques on massaging your little one’s legs, feet, soles and toes. Our team will provide tips and techniques on the areas to focus on, duration, safe oils to use, good positioning and how to adapt the strokes for your baby’s individual needs and your growing child.

Other benefits of infant massage

Aside from strengthening the bond between parents and their babies, infant massages can help babies have a more robust immune system, enjoy improved sleep and better moods, and achieve better physical, emotional, and social development.

Massaging babies has also been shown to relax parents, as the activity induces the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can make you feel calm and content. Studies have shown that Infant massages can also aid in the recovery of mothers who may be experiencing postnatal depression as well.

Why enroll in our courses of baby massage Dubai?

We offer a wide range of baby massage courses in Dubai that will fit your needs and preferences. We also provide a complete training program for new parents who want to learn infant massage. Both our group and private classes are taught by highly skilled professionals who are passionate about baby massage and who love to share their skills.

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