11 May Parental Workshops & Mama Mornings

Join us with your little ones or your growing belly every Thursday morning 9am-11am for a fun-filled morning with our Malaak team of passionate midwives and parenting experts. Weigh your...

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27 Feb Hypnobirthing

How does hypnobirthing in Dubai work? Hypnobirthing is a method of conditioning the mind to prepare a woman for childbirth and enable her to experience a satisfying and stress-free labour and...

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14 Feb Postnatal In-home Visit

Our maternity nurses and midwives are on hand to visit families in their home once they have left the hospital. Our postnatal visits offer families expert care and advice for...

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15 Nov Antenatal

Antenatal & Prenatal Classes Knowing what to expect during pregnancy, labour, and childbirth can help parents be fully prepared for parenthood. Malaak offers antenatal and prenatal classes in Dubai that support...

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15 Nov Baby Stimulation

How baby stimulation classes in Dubai facilitate newborn development During a baby’s first three months, the brain is at its most optimal stage for neural development. Exposing babies to rich and...

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15 Nov Baby Massage

Why is baby massage important? Giving your new born baby a massage is a wonderful way for you to bond and make your baby feel loved, secure, and cared for. Infant...

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23 Oct Gentle Sleep Training

Is your baby keeping you up at night? Are you ready to try some sleep training methods? Speak to our Sleep Training consultants today to find the techniques that work for...

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23 Oct Baby Center Classes & Workshops

Parenthood is a journey. We think you deserve the best possible start. And where better than our Malaak Baby Center where we provide everything from prenatal classes and hypno-birthing workshops...

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07 Oct Newborn Care

Babysitter & Maternity Nurse Dubai Mothers Will Love The caring expertise of a babysitter or maternity nurse in Dubai is invaluable during the first stages of a newborn baby’s life. With...

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07 Oct Child Development

Every child deserves the opportunity to blossom. At Malaak, we believe in nurturing your child to ensure positive growth and advanced child development stages for your child. Our childcare professionals are...

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