Baby Stimulation

How baby stimulation classes in Dubai facilitate newborn development

During a baby’s first three months, the brain is at its most optimal stage for neural development. Exposing babies to rich and diverse sensory experiences can help facilitate the early development of their mental, emotional, and social intelligence.
Our team at Malaak provides a variety of specialised classes and activities for baby stimulation in Dubai, UAE. These classes are all specifically designed to engage and develop all five senses of babies by stimulating them through sounds, lights, textures, and physical touch and movement. Our baby stimulation programme is ideal for parents looking for classes where they can learn how to foster baby sensory development in their newborn babies.

What our stimulation classes have to offer you and your baby

Our classes in Dubai include different activities that touch on different growth aspects, allowing babies to achieve holistic growth. The activities may range from tummy time and baby massage for motor skill development, to sign language and action nursery rhymes for communication.

Our UAE team may also conduct group activities among parents and their babies, or one-on-one activities between the mothers (or guardians) and their babies to strengthen their bond and foster responsive communication between them. Some activities include use of child-friendly and colourful props, toys, and equipment so babies can enjoy a lively and interesting method of learning.

We understand that babies prefer to have a familiar routine and environment. Each class is designed to have an element of predictability so they can feel comfortable and secure. And in each session, we will share knowledge and practical tips that you can do with your babies at home so they can enjoy continuous and consistent progress in baby sensory development. If you need assistance or further instructions, our team in Dubai will help you complete and do the baby sensory stimulation activities in the best way.

Contact our Dubai office

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our UAE based team. Our team is always available to assist you.