27 Jun What can I do to prevent SIDS?

Although it still unclear what actually causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) studies in recent years have proved certain techniques that help to significantly reduce the risk.

  1. Always put your baby to sleep on their back, even for naps during the day. Allowing babies to sleep on their sides poses just as great a risk as putting them on their tummy.
  2. If you are swaddling your baby, use 100 percent cotton sheets and make sure the number of top covers are reduced to avoid the baby getting over heated.
  3. Ensure there are no toys, pillows or any other items in the crib when your baby is sleeping.
  4. The temperature of the room should be maintained at 18 degrees celsius. The best way to check your baby’s body temperature is touching his chest with the back of your hand. It is very common for babies to have cold hands and feet so do not us these as a guideline to your baby’s body temperature.
  5. The mattress of the crib should be firm, clean and fit properly with no gaps on the side. Avoid using second hand mattresses.
  6. Never allow anyone to smoke near your baby.
  7. Falling asleep on the sofa or bed while feeding your baby is one of the highest risk factors of cot death. Never feel ashamed to call for someone to help take care of your baby if you are exhausted and unable to cope with your baby.