We know things can be overwhelming after the birth of your child, especially when parents are sleep-deprived. We believe it is critical that a plan or roadmap to the right sleep routine is designed shortly after your baby is born, before “bad” habits are formed. We also realize that these sleep routines are not always easily implemented for newborns, and sometimes our toddlers need a little help, too.


Sleep is essential for your child’s health and development. Well rested children are healthier, happier, less fussy and irritable.


We can help you establish a sleep routine for your newborn, to ensure that you, too, are getting adequate sleep. For toddlers, we also realize that it is quite common to succumb to circumstantial or reactive behaviors which may not be conducive to an ideal sleep routine, and while these sleep habits can be difficult to reverse, we have years of experience and practical advice to support and guide you to get your little ones sleeping through the night!


Sleep Consults are conducted either in our Malaak Baby Center or in the comfort of your own home.