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Knowing what to expect during pregnancy, labour, and childbirth can help parents be fully prepared for parenthood. Malaak offers Prenatal classes in Dubai that support families on their beautiful journey into parenthood.

We Provide Complete Prenatal Classes In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our up-to-date and evidence based antenatal classes in Dubai led by the UAE’s Baby Whisperer, Cecile de Scally, who provides information to support you on everything you could possibly need from Hypnobirthing to a planned caesarean section.
Our Prenatal or Antenatal classes are a two-part course to prepare expecting parents for birth and how to care for their precious baby in the months to follow. We believe that pregnant couples can benefit tremendously from this preparation, including knowing what to expect during birth (and afterwards) and asking the right questions to guide their birth experience in a way that makes them feel rewarded and empowered.

Join Our Prenatal Dubai Workshop To Learn From A Thorough Expert

Our prenatal classes are run by our lead parent educator, Cecile de Scally, who has over 35 years of experience as a Midwife in South Africa and the UAE. The classes cover a range of topics including preparing for birth, breathing techniques, postnatal care as well as feeding and sleep routines that suit your family. We recommend that couples attend the classes from 24 weeks of pregnancy thus enabling them to make the choices that suit their family in time for their birth.
The antenatal classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that we offer are scheduled on a Friday and Saturday at our Malaak Baby Center. Mama & Daddy are recommended to join!

Part I-

All about Birth: getting you ready for birth including topics such as signs and stages of labour, recognizing early labour, when to go to hospital, normal/assisted births, induction, as well as medical pain management. We also look at Your Birth, Your Way discussing your birth plan, birth preferences, the role of birth partners, breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, acupuncture and labour tips that will support in a smooth and safe delivery.

Part II-

All about Babies: focuses on breastfeeding, positioning and latching, how to know if your baby is eating enough, maternal diets, expressing, bottle-feeding, sterilization, burping your baby, good sleep habits, understanding sleep, SIDS, sleep routines, sleep support techniques and resources, what to expect in the hospital, baby weight, cord care, practical baby care including changing and bathing your baby, vaccinations, circumcision, jaundice, car safety as well as guardianships and wills. We also discuss maternal care postpartum, what to expect once the baby arrives as well as the fathers role.


If you are booked a C-section, this antenatal class in Dubai would replace Part I All About Birth and is done as a private 2 hour session that covers the C-section procedure, what to expect before the surgery and your post-operative expectations, complications of the surgery and a discussion explaining the type aneasthesia used. This session is for first time parents who are having a C-section and know in advance, or second time parents needing to know more about a booked C-section.

Twins Session:

(this is a private session) on what to expect when you are having two! We will talk about the specifics of twin births, what to expect in the first few days, NICU, feeding and sleeping routines. This session is in addition to attending the prenatal sessions advised, either Part I- II plus this Twin session or the C-Section/LSCS, Part II plus the Twins session.
We also offer families PRIVATE PRENATAL CLASSES IN DUBAI at our Malaak Baby Center or in the comfort of your own home. Email for more details.
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