04 Oct How much milk does a newborn need in the first few days?

Each baby has different feeding requirements. As the days go by, your baby will need little but increasing amounts of milk. Breastfed babies don’t need large amounts of milk at each feed. Babies who are formula fed may take larger amounts than breastfed baits. Formula-fed babies can’t control their milk intake in the way that breastfed babies can. To tell if your baby is feeding well, you can follow these tips:

  • You feel your breasts soften during feeds
  • Your baby has a wet nappy every few hours
  • You can hear your baby swallowing softly
  • Your baby comes off your breast on his own
  • Your baby seems settled after a feed
  • She’s doing yellowish-coloured poos

Your newborn baby may lose a little weight after she’s born which is perfectly normal. They will start to put on weight again by the time she’s five days old.

Check your baby’s weight every so often to ensure that she is gaining weight adequately for her age.